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Hydrogen-rich Water Machine DT3000A

No electricity cost, no water cost

Pressure regulation, no risk of leakage

Energy saving and environmental protection

Real-time sterilization, Energize technology No secondary pollution, no peculiar smell

  • Flow rate:

    1.5U/min (pressure about 40Psi)
  • Filter life span:

    3500L-10000L or 1 year
  • Applicable temperature:

  • Operating water pressure:

    10-60 psi
  • Size:

    288 * 110 * 340 mm
  • Weight:

    2.6 kg
  • Product Details

Hydrogen-rich Water Machine DT3000A

We are committed to looking for the taste of mountain springs in our memory, turning tap water into pure water that can be drunk directly, achieving a temperature of 25 degrees, 1 standard atmosphere, 40 PSI tap water pressure, 10 cm water level, open water cups, and testing in a static state. The produced water can reach 93% hydrogen absorption rate [hydrogen escape from water <7%].

Product Details:

Flow rate 1.5U/min (pressure about 40Psi) Filter life span 3500L-10000L or 1 year
Applicable temperature 4-40°C Operating water pressure 10-60 psi
Size 288 * 110 * 340 mm Weight 2.6 kg
Small molecular group o-nmr < 55hz Negative ions >3000 pcs/cm3
Far-infrared emissivity 0.96 Magnetization function 3000G

Features: 3 in 1 water machine 

1.Water purify

CTR precision water purification technology

Completely remove harmful pollution

Preserve beneficial minerals

Sweet smell of mountain spring

2.Hydrogen rich function

Hydrogen production from water and magnesium: there is hydrogen and there is magnesium

(Double benefit, magnesium in water is healthier)

PNA hydrogen lock technology, 24 hours hydrogen lock

Hydrogen absorption is more efficient

Test in a static beaker

3.Living water function

NRT live water technology

Improve water penetration

Simulating the geological environment and geomagnetic field of Lourdes Chengquan

Allow hydrogen-containing water to be transported to cells throughout the body faster

VS Other brands:

According to the evaluation, the hydrogen absorption rate of most products on the market is less than 30%

Exquisite appearance:

1.Golden ratio 1:0.618 styling division

2.Painless installation

The structure is repetitive and does not take up space,On stage and off stage, you can choose

3.Pottery touch

German primary plastics,The initial warmth and moisture value is elegant

4.Refuse to drill the wall

Lifestyle design,Say goodbye to wall drilling

Unique design:

1.Box seal: Prevent mosquitoes from outside
2.Quick installation: Integrated water channel, compact body,Complete water machine installation in 5 minutes
3.Convenient core exchange: Clip-on filter element design,Replace the filter element in 3 minutes
4.Reminder of core replacement: Accurate life calculation,Smart reminder for filter element
5.Avoid dripping: Reserve the box body drain,Avoid dripping and water leakage when changing the core

Comprehensive after-sales service

1.Regular health salons, free health diet consulting services

2.Regular water quality testing

3.Regional service centers provide fast after-sales maintenance services

4.CRM customer management system, worry-free replacement of filter elements

5.One-year warranty for filter element and five-year warranty for the whole machine

Buy with confidence and use with confidence!

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Hydrogen-rich Water Purifier Machine DT6000A

Real-time sterilization, Energize technology No secondary pollution, no peculiar smell Energy saving and environmental protection Pressure regulation, no risk of leakage No electricity cost, no water cost

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