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A:People have a one-sided understanding of minerals in water. Too much minerals in the water means the exsisting possibility of heavy metals and the risk of increasing the burden of stones and body organs. For mineral needs, it can be said that drinking one ton of water is no better than eating one meal.Promotion to get rich nutrition from the water or get a lot of minerals,theories such as water can cure all diseases are pseudo-science used to confuse consumers. Our air water contains only some trace elements beneficial to the human body, which is more conducive to the absorption of water molecules.

A:1. First of all, every day we breathe the air normally, and there is no filtration and purification protection during the whole day. The surface water sources on the earth are derived from precipitation which is formed by the air. Compared with the surface water sources, the air sources are not contaminated by the surface (such as industrial pollution, agricultural residues, etc.). 2. Our air water machine need to go through the process of air filtration system before the water is produced. The suspended matter and particulate matter in the air above 0.3 microns have been blocked outside the system. Specifically, the raw water after air filtration has at least reached the municipal water quality standard , and after the multi-stage purification, the clean drinking water is fully up to the national standard and can be safely consumed.

A:In order to keep the water fresh for a longer period of time and for the better taste of the water , the preservation is because bacteria is not easy to breed in the water at a temperature of 15 °, and the low temperature taste is better.

A:The harm of thousands of boiling water is mainly due to the increase of nitrite in water and the accumulation of heavy metal which results serious illness, so it is relative to water that is not clean enough. The air water itself does not contain heavy metals and nitrites, and the water quality of the source water is higher than the national drinking water standard.

A:HEPA is a high-efficiency air filter, made of folded boron-silicon microfibers that can filter out suspended matter and particulates whhich is larger than 0.3 microns in the air with a removal rate of up to 99%.

A:The air filter has three layers:layer about anti-static coarse filtration for metal , HEPA filter layer (optional non-woven fabric), sprayed activated carbon filter layer.

A: CE   ,CB   ,CCC  , WQA  , ISO9001-2008 , UL  ,SGS  & CPIC,etc.

A:Atmospheric water generator have eight advantages: 1, aerospace technology, patented technology  2, air water genearation, no need of water source  3, a multi-purpose machine, convenient and economic  4, no need for piping, beautiful and practical  5, easy to switch hot or cold function  6, regular sterilization to protect water quality  7, automatic circulation, living water preservation  8, humanization design, intelligent control

A:The atmospheric water generator is a high-quality drinking water equipment that collects water molecules in the air by high-efficiency filter to condense the air into liquid water, and then produces water through a series of fine purification treatments.

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