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Which is better, alkaline water or hydrogen-rich water

Which is better, alkaline water or hydrogen-rich water

08 Oct 2021

We may have questions. Is alkaline water the same as hydrogen-rich water? The answer is no. Alkaline water refers to water that has a pH greater than 7 but may not contain any dissolved hydrogen. This refers to alkaline water made by artificially adding alkaline minerals. Hydrogen water just means that water containing free hydrogen can play an anti-oxidant effect and remove harmful ROS!

Alkaline ionized water not only has the advantage of alkaline pH, but also has a high dissolved hydrogen concentration. Alkaline ionized water or electrolytic reduced water (ERW) is produced through an ionization process or electrolysis. It is named water ionizer. In fact, water ionizers can produce alkaline or acidic water for different applications.

As early as the 1960s, the Japanese health authorities recognized the alkaline ionized water machine as a medical device. The South Korean FDA took the same measures in the 1970s. Many scientific papers have proven the benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water or electrolyzed reduced water. The most important feature of alkaline ionized water is its antioxidant properties. The measured value is the oxidation-reduction potential (-ORP).

It was not until 2007 that scientists began to discover the significant health benefits of dissolved hydrogen (h2). This is because molecular hydrogen is the smallest antioxidant known in science. Read more about construction claims consulting companies here. Hydrogen can pass through the blood-brain barrier and selectively neutralize harmful ROS. It has been shown to be effective in treating and reversing various degenerative diseases.

Are all water ionizers the same? of course not. Ionized water machines have been around for more than half a century. Ionization characteristics depend entirely on its technology, such as board type and power supply risk-free service. The larger the conductive area, it only means that the more dissolved hydrogen is, and the higher the ionization efficiency of pH.

The purified water produced by the Accairwater Hydrogen-rich Water Machine has a great promotion effect on human health. We have reached 93% hydrogen absorption rate [hydrogen escape from water <7%], temperature 25 degrees, 1 standard atmosphere, 40PSI tap water pressure, 10 cm water level, open the water cup, static test. Look for the taste of mountain springs in your memory and make tap water drinkable.

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