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What are the effects of water pollution

What are the effects of water pollution

21 Dec 2021
What is water pollution

Water pollution refers to changes in the chemical, physical or biological characteristics of water, which have the ability to harm organisms. Simply put, water pollution is the pollution of water bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans, aquifers, groundwater or oceans. Pollution is usually caused by human interference.

Causes of water pollution

Although acid rain seems to be a natural problem, it is worth noting that acid rain is caused by acid particles in the polluted air. These particles in the atmosphere mix with water vapor and cause acid rain.

Industrial waste is full of lead, asbestos, petrochemical products, and even mercury. All these chemicals are highly dangerous to humans and aquatic life. However, many industries tend to discharge waste into major water bodies such as rivers and lakes around where they live, thereby polluting freshwater.

Waste from households, factories, or agricultural land is discharged into rivers or lakes. This waste can be in the form of liquid waste, garbage or sewage. Harmful chemicals leaching from these wastes can harm aquatic life.

Most water bodies are converted into garbage dumps in nearby places. This can cause a huge problem, because the garbage dump contains everything from plastic and aluminum to glass, styrofoam, etc. And since all wastes take different time to degrade in water, they tend to harm aquatic organisms before degrading.

One of the most serious types of water pollution is oil pollution. This is because oil spills from oil tankers and ships often form a thick layer of oil on the ocean or ocean waters. Since the oil will not dissolve, the sludge will always exist.

What is the impact of water pollution on the ecosystem?

Destruction of the ecosystem

Our ecosystem is extremely fragile. Even a simple change can cause the ecosystem to react and affect the environment. If the water system in a particular area is not controlled, then the entire ecosystem in that particular area may collapse.


Not only aquatic organisms, even if humans eventually drink contaminated water, they are also susceptible to various life-threatening diseases, such as hepatitis, cholera, typhoid fever and many other water-borne diseases.

Adverse effects on the food chain

If aquatic organisms tend to adapt to polluted water bodies, toxins and pollutants are most likely to be present in marine species. When humans tend to feed on fish, shellfish or other aquatic species, they will eventually consume toxins and pollutants.


The chemicals available in the water body promote the growth of algae. These algae eventually form a thick layer on ponds and lakes. Bacteria present in the water often feed on algae, which reduces the oxygen content in the water, thereby affecting the aquatic organisms in the entire water body.

Fortunately, Accairwater's production of air water generator (AWG) like this has found a feasible solution to the water shortage problem. This innovative technology uses the humidity in the air to produce drinking water. Therefore, no matter what your needs are, you will always have fresh water.
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