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Two basic types of atmospheric water generators

Two basic types of atmospheric water generators

19 Jul 2021
All air will contain water molecules, no matter how many. On hot, sultry days, the air is full of moisture, and it feels thick and uncomfortable. air water generator, also called water generators, collect water suspended in moist air. They use one of two basic methods. The most common technology is similar to another device in your home, your air conditioner. Warm air passes through a set of coils cooled with refrigerant.

Because cold air cannot contain as much water vapor as warm air, cold air will leave condensed water, which will be drained to a drain or pan for processing. In the water generator, the goal is not to cool the air to make the room more comfortable. The goal is to recover the condensate, filter it, and then store it in glass bottles or other storage tanks. As part of the process, the reclaimed water is filtered multiple times to remove particles and bacteria from the air. If the water stays in the reservoir for more than a day or so, it will be filtered again to keep it fresh and clean.

This type of water generator is the most popular household use. The technology is well known and understood. Air conditioners, refrigerators and dehumidifiers all use it more or less. However, it may be an energy pig. The cooling water generator relies on compressed refrigerant to circulate through the system with the help of compressors, condensers, pumps and fans. Some domestic water heater manufacturers claim that energy consumption is similar to running a desktop computer or small space heater in your home.

The other type, used for large-scale applications such as military or industrial use, uses a chemical-dependent water extraction method. It uses a mixture of chemical salts to pull water out of the air. Salt is a natural desiccant, which means it can absorb and retain moisture. In a desiccant-based water generator, moist air is passed through the salt mixture. Then heat the wet salt to boiling point. The steam is condensed and sent to the filter for processing. In order to save energy, vacuum is used to lower the boiling point of water. A major advantage of desiccant-based air water machine is that it is more energy efficient than other practical options currently available.

The atmospheric water generator extracts water from the surrounding air and filters it to remove particles and bacteria. The resulting water is clean, free of chemicals and other hazards. In water-scarce or polluted areas, atmospheric water generators are a reliable source of clean and safe water. For household applications, they can reduce or eliminate the need for bottled drinking water.

Air water making machine are not ubiquitous. To work effectively, several conditions must be met: The temperature of the ambient air must be at least a few degrees above the freezing point. The humidity should also be higher than a certain concentration. This number varies by manufacturer and extraction method, but the humidity in the stadium is 32% to 40%. High altitude can also interfere with this process.
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