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Common application areas of atmospheric generators

Common application areas of atmospheric generators

09 Aug 2021

People are inseparable from water. Long-term lack of water will cause people to lose their lives. However, water resources are not inexhaustible. In addition, as the population increases, water pollution becomes more and more serious. We have to find new ways to solve the problem of water shortage.

Atmospheric water generators is common water in life. The production of atmospheric water depends on the science of humidity, temperature and air. Higher humidity will produce more water. This makes it very flexible and simple, so people began to produce water from the atmosphere, so atmospheric generators came into being.

Nowadays, the atmospheric generator has been continuously improved and can be used in many fields.

Atmospheric water generators are used in the following areas:

1. Residential and office. The bucket is gone! Many offices and homes have begun to move away from prehistoric bucket water dispensers. These are not only more expensive, but also bring storage and many inconvenience factors.

2. Solutions to the water crisis. In a country like India, many people need to travel more than 6 hours a day to meet their daily water needs. The atmospheric water generator is the perfect solution to bring this country closer to the first world standard. The AWG can be strategically placed in many inland communities. Therefore, their daily water needs are solved.

3. Agriculture. Water is important for agriculture and irrigation. Due to the poor and dry soil, many farmers have very low yields. Weather conditions are also the cause of low yields. They must constantly find new fertile land to grow crops. This is evident from the record-breaking drought. Air-to-water technology can help solve this situation in conjunction with other solutions.

4. Army. In many countries such as Israel, soldiers are now equipped with military-grade backpacks that can extract water from the air. For a long time, the army had to transport large amounts of drinking water. Therefore, they must invest resources and manpower to protect the water source. Using AWG fresh water generators, they can definitely become more flexible. They can also be durable in warfare and training and have a strategic advantage.

The air water generators produced by Accairwater are mainly suitable for homes and outdoors. Suitable air generators can be selected according to different needs. All products have undergone multiple filtrations to produce pure water suitable for our drinking.

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